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Logo 180 EconoBACH - Kitset buildings 8m² to 80m².
Includes cabins, baches and granny flats with ensuites, bathrooms and kitchens.
Over 10m² Buildings
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Mini Townhouse more >>
MTH4027 -1 trans 10 10

MTH Town Houses -
The Mini Townhouse's practical loft area offers  additional sleeping or storage space in a 10m² cabin.

Sizes from 10.0m²

Nova Cabins more >>

NV Nova Cabins -
With minimilist styling, the striking Nova cabin makes the most of a small footprint, by offering a loft storage area.

Sizes from 8.64m²

Loft Cabins more >>
ELC 150 trans 10 10

ELC Loft Cabins -
Maximize your non-consentable footprint with a practical loft area, ideal for sleeping or storage.

Sizes from 8.64m²

Transom Cabins more >>

TR Transom Cabins -
Transom cabins with their unique transom wrap-around windows, offer light-filled airey working or sleeping spaces.

Sizes from 8.64m²

Portico Cabins more >>
PT 200
PT Portico Cabins -
EconBACH's unique Portico Cabins offer a new dimension to small building practicality.
With their semi-enclosed portico, and habitable living areas, these cabins provide real lifestyle space for leisure or work activities.

Canana Cabins more >>
cabana bar 1 -250

Cabana Cabins-
Cabanas extend living, work or ententainment space with their integrated verandas.
Ideal sleepout, garden office, Boys Bar, Mancave.

Cabin sizes from 5.76m²

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